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CDT are proud distributors of Wacker Neuson & Makinex Construction Products Wacker Neuson Makinex


Weka DK32 Core Drill Motor

This machine combines many of the well respected features of the DK 22 drill motor with increased power (up to 3000 W) and enhanced performance. It is economic in use and designed for optimal efficiency and durability.

In addition to 3 speed gearing and oil-bath lubrication for the gearbox, both clutch and motor are protected from current overload and a start current limiter in incorporated for extra reliability.


BT. Electric Bricksaw

The BT. electric bricksaw is the flagship saw in this industry, its design is user friendly and is made out of quality materials, making it the perfect choice. It comes with a powerful 1700W electric motor so it is ideal for all your cutting applications. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS / FEATURES Mobile Stand Water Control Unrestricted View […]


Lissmac FS13B Floor Saw

The FS 13 series of Floor Saws are compact, robust, powerful machines, fast in use and flexible in application.

The saw is capable of taking blades up to 500mm, which are protected within an enclosed guard and spindle bearing. Optimal blade cooling is assured by means of efficient water spraying through the blade flange on both sides supplied from a large (30 litre), well-positioned refillable water tank.


Golz KB110KL Drill Stand

Light aluminium core drill rig fully equipped with a multi-purpose base (vacuum or anchor) and angle adjustment with support for drilling with handheld core drilling machines.


CoreCut CC2500 Self Propelled Road Saw

– Screw feed raise/lower with optional power raise/lower
– Rigid high strength 3/16″ steel box frame with heavy bar reinforcement
– Hydraulic raise/lower offered on all models
– Maximum cutting depth of 10-3/8″ with 26″ model


Stihl TS800 Demolition Saw

Powerful 5.0 kW cut-off saw for 400/416mm cutting wheels. The most powerful Cut-Off Saw in the STIHL range for cutting metal, concrete and asphalt in commercial applications.


Easy Hammer Jackhammer Trolley

The Easy Hammer jackhammer trolley is an innovative demolition tool for the fast and easy removal of floor tiles, vinyl and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces. It can also be used to remove residue from tile beds and for breaking rocks, blocks, concrete and sandstone.


Satellite 480 (Generation 3) 240 volt Diamond Grinder

The Satellite 480 MkII Triple Disc Grinder has no equivalent; most 240 volt machines just don’t have the weight, nor high diamond speed that the Satellite 480 has.
Triple Disc set up makes floors nice and flat, but install 6 x 125mm discs, and see how flat floors can be!


BFS1214 Walk Behind-Saw

These compact and lightweight floor saws offer outstanding cutting performance, smooth operation and excellent maneuverability. These units bridge the gap between a hand-held cut-off saw and a larger walk-behind floor saw, and are ideal for small cuts in asphalt and concrete.


BS60-2i Rammer 2-Stroke

The two-cycle rammers of the i-range feature all the advantages of Wacker Neuson’s classic two-cycle rammers with cutting edge features this machine will do everything you need and more.

core bits

Professional Quality Diamond Core Bit Range

Crozier Diamond Tools Professional Quality Diamond Core Bit Range 1 1/4″ UNC Thread & 450mm Drilling Length. Individually Brazed Rooftop Segment For Drilling Steel Reinforced Concrete. CDT carry a complete range of core bits ranging from 25mm through to 500mm in diameter. For more information please speak with one of our expert staff FREECALL. 1300 […]


16″ Professional Combination Diamond Blade

16″ Red Combination Diamond Blade.
– Suitable For All Types Of Materials
– Used In Floor Saws & Demolition Saws
– Mostly Used For Applications That Requiring Cutting Of Reinforced Concrete & Asphalt
– 80% Concrete & 20% Asphalt


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